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The Bixby family, owner's​ of the barn, want to welcome you to their venue. This venue is not only beautiful, but it also has a wonderful story behind it. The barn was built in 1900 and is now 121 years old. The barn was used by homesteaders and at one point their daughter lived in it.  When the Bixby's first purchased the 10 acre property with the barn on it, it was in rough shape. Everyone said to tear down the barn and start fresh. The Bixby's didn't listen to these comments, but instead restored the old barn into what it is today. It is now fully restored but still has some of the old features within it, such as the poles holding up the barn are the original tree trunks from 1900. The custom built bar inside the barn was handmade by the Bixby's and their friends and all the reclaimed 121 year old wood and metal tin was used to make the entire bar. The barn holds many cherished memories inside of it and we hope that you can add to these memories on your special day!




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